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Natural Leather Hand stitched

All leather sheaths are made of 6 to 8 ounce steer hide that are made by hand, glued, stitched and riveted for maximum strength & durability. Each is then oiled tanned and polished by hand to give it a beautiful finish. Most outdoor knives come with a top grade oil tanned sheath. However, should you wish to purchase an additional case, this page outlines the model order numbers below. The sheaths sold on this website are all first quality with warranty. You can inquire if there are any 'second' sheaths in stock, ones with scratches etc that are sold at 50% off the regular price, no warranty/final sale.

Pictured are right-handed sheaths, but sometimes left-handed sheaths are available by request (we also offer left-handed bread knives in the kitchen knives section)

Please make sure to choose the model / size of sheath you would like before purchasing:

  • #1 - Open mouth Fits Original knife #1 model, belt loop back
  • #2 - Open mouth Fits Trout & Bird knife #2 model, belt loop back
  • #3 - Open mouth Fits Boat knife model #3
  • #3A - "Army sheath" button overlap, fits #3 knife, but can also fit #1 and #2. Lg belt loop on back
  • #3M - "Yachtsman sheath" Fits #3 knife, but also fits #1, #2 knife, has small pouch to hold Marlin Spike & Shackler tool (below) Sheath Only
  • #3154 Marlin Spike & Shackler tool (fits into 3m sheath above) Spike Only
  • #4/100 - Fits Survival #4, Guthook #4 & Large Skinner #100 with button tab as shown above, or NEW! open mouth style the same as Sheath 1 (not shown)
  • #100A - Large Overlap (Army) sheath Fits large knives such as #4 Survival Knife, Guthook #4, Large Skinner #100, and Short blade skinner #103
  • #101 - Fits Standard Skinner #101 knife, comes with snap
  • #1595 - Small overlap sheath with snap. Fits small pocket/lock knives such as #R360S, #R340S, #R350S, #Z390S, #Z390SW
  • #380 - Large overlap with snap For larger lockblade models #300, #380
  • #103 - belt sheath with button tab Fits knife model #103 Short Blade Skinner
  • #104A - overlap style Fits knife model #104 Mini Skinner
  • #104 - open mouth pouch style Fits knife model #104 Mini Skinner
  • #105 - belt sheath with snap fits knife model #105 Deep Woods Hunter

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