Orders can be 2-3 weeks delayed or more in some cases.

Thank you for your patience.

1.Enter your email carefully, after you order find your email confirmation {check your SPAM or JUNK folders}

2.When processing receives the order, it will be confirmed again via email, but not shipped yet.

3. If you chose PayPal, you will pay automatically at checkout. [DUE TO DELAYS IN SHIPPING, PAYPAL IS NOW TEMPORARILY SHUT OFF FOR ANY NEW ORDERS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE] If you chose Visa or MC, your card will only be charged once we pack it.

4. If we have the item, it will be packed/weighed and then paid for the day it leaves/ Canada Post will email you a tracking number.

 *Shipping cost on site is default only, may be adjusted once weighed/packed*

BASIC SHIPPING TIMES/Canada Post  EXPECT DELAYS: orders can take 2-3 weeks or more to ship depending on stock: once shipped, Canada= approx 7 days to most locations;  USA= approx 2 weeks pending customs; International= approx 1 - 3 months, unless rush charges are requested


 If any problems or to Call to order  toll free 1-888-756-4837 Mon-Fri 9-5 Atlantic Standard Time

Due to high demand for our products, we keep running out of many items with production trying to replenish in small batches for now. Thank you for your business and your patience!




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