Warranty & Returns

With normal use you will have a fine quality Grohmann product that will serve you well for a lifetime!

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Congratulations on your purchase of a fine quality product! Grohmann offers a dependable Lifetime Limited Warranty on all first quality knives.


First quality Grohmann knives are covered against any manufacturer defects in materials or workmanship, ie rivet comes out, steel hardness, etc. The Lifetime Limited Warranty covers regular use of the knife and normal cutting and slicing of hides/meats/food for that particular style of knife.  Return all parts and pieces to the factory for inspection. See RETURNS below for more info.  

If found to be covered under warranty, Grohmann will at their discretion, recondition, adjust or replace it with the same item or closest item available at the time. Knives replaced under warranty may be picked up at the factory. Shipping may also be arranged, shipping charges will apply (transportation to and from the factory responsibility of the owner). 

If found to be not covered under warranty, other options may be available, such as to repair or replace the item at a discount. 



There is no warranty on final sale 50% off seconds, scratch-n-dents, discontinued, or do-it-yourself knife kits. Warranty is voided if any signs of abuse: broken tips, bends/twisted blades, rusted blades/liners, burns or hammer marks, ground down or dismantled knives; modification outside of the factory including blade overheating & breakage, self-made kits, or knives that are completely worn out.

Knives damaged due to dishwashers, left to rust, used as a screwdriver resulting in broken tips and blades, etc are not covered, but they may be able to be repaired for a minimal fee.

If you need a copy of the warranty emailed or mailed to you, please email us, or ask your local dealer. The Lifetime Limited Warranty is on all first quality items. Your warranty sheet also contains useful information such as care and sharpening tips. Damaged final sale items, seconds, imperfects, turquoise, make-it-yourself knife kits, discontinued items are not sold with a warranty.

With normal use you will have a fine quality Grohmann product that will serve you well for a lifetime!



To return a knife for any reason, be sure to include all parts and pieces if broken/damaged. If the store is open, you or someone you know may bring it into the factory for inspection. If mailing, be sure to wrap well and include a note with your name, address, phone number and reason for return or work to be done.

FROM USA/INTERNATIONAL: If mailing from outside of Canada be sure your package is labelled correctly as a " Return to Manufacturer Free Domicile" is clearly marked, or checked off.  Any parcels that arrive at the border with charges owing on it, improperly filled out customs forms, taxes, etc will not be forwarded to us, they will be refused/returned to you at your cost. 

Shipping insured parcel post is usually the cheapest and easiest. But if using a courier such as Fedex, Purolator, DHL etc, again, be sure to mark it "Defective return to manufacturer/FREE DOMICILE" on your waybill or it will be rejected at the border.

All shipping and affiliated charges of the package are the responsibility of the shipper.   COD's or collect shipments will be rejected at the receiving station.

Ship To Address: 
Customer Service   Grohmann Knives Ltd   PO Box 40, 116 Water St, Pictou,  Nova Scotia  B0K 1H0  Canada.