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Some imperfects/seconds of the Anniversary Knife, Limited Edition!

while supplies last

The D.H. Russell Canadian Belt Knife Celebrates 65 Years!

"Strange looking, but feels Great in the hand!"

For a limited time only:  get your collector's 65th Anniversary Original Design knife; hi-carbon stainless steel blade, black and gold acrylic handle, black leather belt sheath

This is the Original Design that started it all. It is our D.H. Russell Canadian Belt Knife which has been in production since 1957.

Rudolph Grohmann and D.H. Russell teamed up to design a truly Canadian outdoor knife, and through trial and testing with hunters and trappers came up with this first design in the line. By our last count, our knives have been copied by more than 16 different companies over the years that have come and gone, ours is still the only one in production after 50 years. High quality materials, along with outstanding designs and talented craftspeople, make this knife a winner.

General Purpose fixed blade outdoor knife, but ideal for hunting.

Extremely comfortable grip for any application from small game dressing and birds to large game. Unique elliptical blade to lessen cutting drag. Palm & finger fitting "offset" handle for safe grip.

Original Sabre grind blade approx. 4" x 1", of 1/8" stock, total knife length 8 1/2".