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Kitchen Knives

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Junior Chef Set

Chef Case 1002 closed
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Junior Chef Set

1002P-10 Dishwasher/Sanitizing Safe Poly handles in knife roll

Ideal for the starting cooking student, junior chef, or anyone who wishes to have quality hygenic tools they may take with them. Lightweight nylon dishwasher-proof handles in a convenient carry case.

2" paring - #201P-2
3" paring - #201P-3
8" bread - #208PW-8
8" chef - #209P-10
12" sharpening steel - #212P-12
6" hollow ground boningl - #203PHG-6
6" flexible narrow boning - #203PNF-6

Three quality non-GK poly handle utensils: double ended melon baller #1295, peeler #1320, spatula #1294 all inside the black washable Cordura Knife Roll with handles #1002 Other handle options available as well as everything sold individually.