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Kitchen Knives


Kitchen Sets

Kitchen Sets

Quality you can Use that looks great in your home

Feel the difference using a quality knife. Forget the frustration of grabbing a dull knife out of the drawer.. and watch your fingers using our serrated bread knives! Grohmann Kitchen knives are used by professional chefs across the world and not only look great, but feel great in the hand. There are many set options, everything from 2pc starter sets for the newlyweds to fully forged professional line complete sets for the professional cook.

Grohmann knives are offered in various lines: Black Poly & Rosewood Regular (Good), Full Tang Rosewood and Full Tang Xtra (Better) and Forged Professional Rosewood and Forged Xtra (Best). All sets shown are giftboxed and come with both kitchen and outdoor brochures along with the Grohmann Lifetime Limited Warranty.