Outdoor enthusiasts have been using Grohmann for over 65 Years and passing them down through generation after generation. With the Grohmann Lifetime Limited Warranty, quality materials, and made right here in Nova Scotia, you know you have dependability by your side when you need it most.

#108 Deer & Moose Knife

108 handles
Base price $172.00
Sales price $146.20
Handle Material :
Sheath Style :

Big and Solid

One of the newer additions to the Grohmann line of outdoor knives is the Grohmann Deer & Moose Knife. The deer and moose is a big, solid knife and sheath for all of your big game skinning. Particularly suited for those who like a more weighted blade and large handle.

A favorite among big game hunters already, belt loop positioned high enough for comfort while sitting or riding.

Blade approx. 5 1/2" x 1 3/8", of 3/16" stock, total length of 10 5/16" of high carbon stainless steel only. Various handle materials are available.

Customer testimonials:

"Dear Grohmann, I just wanted to send along a thank you for my new Deer and Moose knife (#R108s) that I picked up through Marshman Brothers. This is one really good looking, solid knife! I like this design and the materials, workmanship and "feel" are truly outstanding. This is my first Grohmann knife and I am very pleased. I hope more folks get a chance to take a look at this one because I personally feel you get a lot of knife for your money. Again, thanks, S.K. TN p.s. Hope this one makes it to the knife publications as I can't help but feel there might be some interest among sportsmen and maybe even the outdoor/survival types! "

Yet another pleased testimonial via email: I consider the R108S, functional art. This elegantly designed knife is beautifully balanced, yet robust enough for my toughest campsite cutting task. I'm putting my Buck fold-up away for good. R.H. HI