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 Outdoor Knives


Outdoor Knives

Outdoor Knives

The D.H. Russell Belt Knife, Classic Unique Designs, Comfortable Feel.

Outdoor enthusiasts have been using Grohmann for over 50 Years and passing them down through generation after generation. With the Grohmann Lifetime Limited Warranty, quality materials, and made right here in Nova Scotia, you know you have dependability by your side when you need it most. D.H. Russell Canadian Belt Knives, Grohmann Knives, You-Make-It-Knife-Kits, Fillet Knives, Lock & Pocket, and Specialty knives.

Often copied over the years, Grohmann Knives in Nova Scotia Canada is still the original, and sole, manufacturer of the D.H. Russell Belt Knives and Grohmann Belt Knives for over 50 years.

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Grohmann Ulu



Whale Flensing Knife Carbon Steel


Whale flensing knife, for whale autopsies/necropsies